Women’s Health and Fitness Shiur Series

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OSTT Olney Presents:

Women’s Fitness Shiur Series

For women over 40, almost 40, or who will be 40 one day!

Shiur Introductions by Denise Katz

For more information or to RSVP,  contact Denise Katz
(for details, see flyer – PDF file)

  • Making time for fitness
    Presented by Shevi Kurcfeld: Sunday August 15, 10 am
    4109 Morningwood Drive, Olney, 301-570-8634
    Get insight on how you can incorporate fitness into your life,
    even if you have a busy schedule

  • Starting a fitness program
    Presented by Wendy Tobb: Sunday August 22 at 10 am
    2219 Carter Mill Way, Brookeville, 301-570-5702
    Come and hear practical advice on starting a fitness
    program and get a tour of Wendy’s gym & exercise

  • Health issues faced by women 40 and over
    Presented by Karin Rosenthal: Sunday August 29, 10 am
    18685 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Brookeville 301-774-8005
    Get information on various health issues facing women as
    we age and how to counteract/address them

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