The Kosher Kitchen 201- Beyond the Basics

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The Friedman Kollel of Metropolitan Washington presents

The Kosher Kitchen 201- Beyond the Basics

A free 6-part refresher series for women in the complex world of kashrus.

Different topics will be discussed each week, with time for questions.

The series will take place at the
Jewish Family Center (18318 Georgia Avenue, Olney) at 7:45 p.m.

Rabbi Shlomo Weitz of the Friedman Kollel will be giving the next class tonight, February 1st, entitled “The Shabbos Kitchen”, which will be presented in two parts. The first one will explore the laws of cooking and food preparation on Shabbos.

OSTT Shabbaton with Rabbi Dovid Heber January 6-7, 2012

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A Scholar-in-Residence Shabbaton with


Rabbi Dovid Heber



Shabbos Parshas Vayechi, January 6-7, 2012


Friday before Kabalat Shabbat (approx. 5:10) Prayer; Offsetting the Muslim and Christian challenge


Friday night Communal Oneg at the Rappaports 8:00 pm (18681 Q. Elizabeth Dr) Modern technology and the impact on the laws of Brachot


Shabbas morning Sermon following Mussaf


Shabbas afternoon class 3:55 pm Kosher and Shabbat Guidelines for Medicine


Shalosh Seudot Friends or Family; Story of Hashgacha Pratis


Communal Melave Malka at the Chanskys home 7:45 pm (18721 Thornberry Lane) When to pray when there is no day and how to observe Shabbas in the Arctic region and when crossing the International Date Line.



About Rabbi Dovid Heber:


A native of St. Louis, MO., Rabbi Dovid Heber attended Yeshiva in Telshe-Chicago and then Ner Israel Rabbinical College, where he received his rabbinical ordination. Rabbi Heber also holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University.
Rabbi Heber is the Rav of Khal Ahavas Yisroel Tzemach Tzedek in Baltimore and is a Kashrus Administrator at Star-K where he serves as Director of the Computer Department, consultant on medical issues, and editor of the annual Passover Guide. Rabbi Heber has been an educator in woman’s seminaries (including Maalot Baltimore), schools, and colleges for over 15 years. He also gives astronomy classes at Ner Israel and is the author of “Sefer Shaarei Zmanim” a complex book on Jewish law in Astronomy, Time, and the Jewish calendar.

Download a flyer about this shabbaton here:

OSTT Rabbi Heber Shabbaton 1-7-2012 [PDF]

OSTT Gala Banquet Sunday January 8, 2012

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Ohev Sholom Talmud Torah of Olney
invites you to a

Sumptuous Soiree

Malka and Shmnuel Benshir
Denise and Micah Katz
Michael Kotlicky

Sunday January 8, 2012
7:00 PM

Magen David Sephardic Congregation
11215 Woodglen Drive
Rockville, Maryland

Entertainment by Comic Rabbi Simcha

Dessert Reception (Dairy-Parve)
Raffle at Event – Couvert $72 per person

OSTT Gala Banquet Invitation [PDF]

OSTT Gala Banquet Ad Form [PDF]

OSTT Gala Banquet RSVP [PDF]