Mini-Scroll – October 29th, 2022

OSTT Mini-Scroll, News and Events

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Welcome to the YGW 7th Grade!
Welcome also to Rabbi Wiggins, Rabbis Zucker, & Rabbi Turoff!

Candle lighting today is 5:53PM
Mincha today is 6:00PM

Shabbos afternoon: From Ark to Arc w/ Rabbi Ben-Horin @ 5PM

Mazal Tov to the Daf Yomi group for complete Maseches Kesubos!

We have an opportunity to participate in a group purchase (w Chabad) of burial plots in a new Orthodox Jewish section at Judean Gardens. (35% discount so ~$3k each, and seemingly some leniencies on concrete liners; 25% down and balance over 12mo) Please contact Rabbi Milikowsky for more details.

Good Shabbos!